Sara O'Donnell

Community Health Leaders

Area of Expertise:
Access to care
Cancer resources

Leader's Biography 2007:
Executive Director, Cancer Resource Center of Mendocino County, Mendocino, CA
Sara O’Donnell grew up in rural central California where her family worked in the agricultural fields and suffered the effects of exposure to pesticides. After losing 5 family members to cancer, and living on a shoestring with three children and no insurance, she was determined that if she survived she would devote her life to helping others in similar situations. In 1995, she founded the Cancer Resource Center of Mendocino County (CRCMC) to provide a support network for cancer patients living in the rural county to help them navigate the daunting maze of decisions, treatment, and care for cancer. Today CRCMC helps cancer patients, their families and caregivers with a full range of services, including assistance with formulating care plans, advocacy for benefits, support groups, counseling, and transportation, so the time patients spend with their doctors can be focused on their treatment decisions.

Where this Leader can be reached today:
Executive Director
Cancer Resource Center of Mendocino County
P.O. Box 50
Mendocino, CA 95460

Phone: (707) 937-3833



We create a pathway to care for the cancer patient that is free of as many obstacles as possible so their energy is focused on healing.

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